23 March 2011

Blogs i love: LOLITA

Tantalizing, seductive, sly. A young woman full of thought with a strong will, searching eyes, complex emotions.. Reaching out, trying to touch the future, fingers grasping fantasies, dreams. A release from reality. When the air is crisp and a special light covers the city like a filter of colors and shadows. Her silhouette in the dark like a ghost but still, pulse beating – body shivering, so real yet so untouchable. This is Lolita in Nabakovs novel “Lolita”. The light of his fire, the fire of his loins. This is also the concept of this blog. Lolita is a visual inspiration-bank, full of fantasies, dreams – a filter of colors and shadows, a silhouette in the dark. Hopefully making your pulse beat, body shiver.. The hand-picked images put together are also the basis of the story about a young Lolita, living in Stockholm, Sweden – inviting you to take a walk with her, in silence..

Lolita es uno de mis blogs favoritos.

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