12 May 2011


La primavera y el espontáneo club de crochet y bordado en mitad de un picnic.

09 May 2011

Wedding dress

Marchesa Spring 2011

Hoy me volví a encontrar una foto de este vestido en Tumblr y yo sigo con la certeza de que quiero que sea MI vestido de boda. Futuro esposo, espero que luego no digas que no avisé cuando me niegue a casarme sin el vestido.

Fuck Princess Kate with her “Sarah Burton for McQueen”.

Long life to Marchesa.

04 May 2011



Your brown eyes are my blue skies
They light up the rivers that the birds fly over
Better not to quench your thirst
Better not to be the first one diving in though you caught me and you know why
You breathe in the deepest part of the water

What's the matter?
You hurt yourself?
Open your eyes and there was someone else
Now I've got you in the undertow
Now I've got you in the undertow
Why you wanna blame me for your troubles
Ah ah ah, you better learn your lesson yourself
Nobody ever has to find out what's in my mind tonight

Let tonight pass us by
Do you really want to be the one to fight
And I said you're better not to light that fire
It will take you to the darkest part of the weather

01 May 2011

Blogs i love: THE BLUE HOUR

Brian vive en Londres y toma fotos de su día a día que comparte en su blog, The Blue Hour
He seems to have very very nice days.

(All images from Brian W. Ferry)